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About Johns Kitchen



British Sausages 

Pies and Pastries

Cured Meats

Irish Traditional Food 

Homemade Pickles and Chutneys 

What is Johns Kitchen?


Johns kitchen started as a whim rather than a project or direction, I wanted to do something with my love of cooking and food in general and maybe it would have died quite quickly if it were not for my wife who did two great things for me.


Firstly she bought the domain for me and secondly she worked hard in what little spare time she had to help organize a series of food shows showing the food of the UK in its many forms. It was these two things that pushed me to continue with Johns Kitchen this to this day 


So what is john kitchen in 2020 well first thing it’s not is it’s not a physical kitchen it’s an online presence yes I work in the kitchen but they are other people’s and I bring my skills and passion to there business and menus, check out Affen bar as a prime example.


So Johns Kitchen 2020 is a place to hear, see, look for recommendations and sometimes buy the food I like to cook, eat and explore

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